St. Charles College

Students Teaching Students About Bullying

Talking to or at students doesn’t always get an important message across to kids or teenagers.  That’s why students in the senior Leadership class at St. Charles College were in charge of this year’s grade 9 anti-bullying retreat.

 Grade 11 student Owen Krystia created a 40 minute highlight video featuring popular You Tube videos including Amanda Todd and Emily Osment who experienced cyber bullying.

 The students then reported to their second class of the day and discussed a series of value statements with the leadership students to generate discussion and debate relating to issues such as social media and bullying. 

 Teacher Beverley Belanger who teaches the Leadership class says “the students teaching students approach works because kids can relate better to each other and feel more comfortable when opening up especially with such a sensitive topic like bullying.  Just allowing the kids to watch this video is eye opening – there was not a dry eye in the house and no one needed reminders to be quiet.”

 Grade 9 students were also encouraged to sign an anti-bullying banner and to think twice the next time they find themselves in a situation where they have the choice to “stamp out bullying”. 

World Renowned Scientist/Environmentalist Speaks to St. Charles College Students

Scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki met online with hundreds of high school students across the country on November 20 including science students at St. Charles College in Sudbury.  The focus of his talk was the Earth and its water. 
Other speakers included CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe and Canadian Olympic rowing medallist Adam van Koeverden who trains and spends many hours a day in the water.
St. Charles College student Emily McKeown was selected to ask a question about Suzuki`s favourite body of water.  His reply was the Hart River in the Yukon, where his daughter got engaged.

Today we “bring God’s peace into the world”

St. Charles College and St. Bernadette students came together in song on November 11 for a special Remembrance Day faith celebration. The presentation was pulled together by Drama teacher Diandra Zafiiris.

It featured a medley of recognizeable songs such as “One” by U2, “21 Guns” by Green Day and “Meant to Live” by Switchfoot.

An eagle’s staff was also used as part of the memorable presentation to honour the fallen.

In photo: Vesna Kelsey on piano, Paighton Mills, Sean Lynott and Jenna Daypuk singing, John Bronicheski and guitar teacher Mr. Teddy Bubalo on guitar.

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