St. Charles College

Chaplains Message

St. Charles College and its staff take seriously the Mission that Jesus gave to His Disciples; as “He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.’” (Mark 16:15) This Mission which is echoed in the Ontario Bishops’ Pastoral Letters, This Moment of Promise (1988), Fulfilling the Promise (1993), and most recently Renewing the Promise (2018), has directed and shaped the attempts to bring the ‘Good News of Jesus Christ’ to all in it sphere of influence.

Staff and students from St. Charles College have taken part in the New Evangelization Summits in years past and look forward to the inspirational messages of the upcoming Summit this year as this also ties into the Mission of the Church. In addition a new evangelical program, Focus on JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself), aims to promote a ‘rediscovery’ of Jesus and the communal nature of Love in our families, school, Church, and community.

Our Chapel has been beautifully decorated by our students and is open to all throughout the day for prayer and contemplation. The richness of the artwork lends itself well to a meditative atmosphere. Resources for prayer and liturgy can also be found throughout the Chapel. And for the entire school prayers are offered twice daily at the start and the end of our day over announcements.

Once per month, the community of St. Charles College is invited to the Chapel for a “Feast Day.” At this liturgy we learn more about a particular saint from the Roman Calendar and hear about ways by which we can emulate the virtues and attributes of this model of faith. At other times of the year, especially during Advent and Lent special prayers and reflections are offered in the Chapel.

The Antioch retreat weekend occurs once each semester with a focus on catechesis. Senior students are called upon to be leaders for the Antioch retreat and they will have their own Leader Retreats. As a follow up these weekend retreats the Antioch Prayer Group meets every Thursday in the Chapel during the lunch break to pray together and sing. Prayer requests are written on the Prayer Post in the Chapel and the intention is brought to the group. Members of the group will pray for this particular intention daily and a report will be given at the next prayer meeting.

Other formal opportunities for prayer also occur at grade level and classroom retreats. Finally, in May, there is a Graduation Retreat for all graduating students.

Spiritual Counseling and Pastoral Care are available to all at St. Charles College. These services seek to extend the healing, reconciling, guiding, and sustaining care of the Roman Catholic Church. A personal transformation that draws the person into a deeper relationship with God is the goal.

Deacon Steve Callaghan

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