St. Charles College

Our School

Our Mission

St. Charles College is a caring co-educational community that stands by its mission to teach goodness, discipline and knowledge. We exist to inspire and reveal student potential and to provide an optimal environment for student learning through all our works including our academic and co-curricular programs. We dedicate ourselves to foster a supportive and personalized learning environment, understanding our special duty of care to all our students

Our Vision

Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.

We believe that individuals are worthy of respect, dignity, service and love. It is our goal to promote Christian education and the principles of faith, hope and charity in developing Christian persons who respond actively to community needs. Essential to spiritual development is the understanding of the scriptures, the history of Christianity, and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

The aim of discipline is to develop, within the individual, self-control and the ability to cooperate with others. It is our goal to develop self-discipline, and good citizenship. It is our goal to develop tolerance and respect for societal differences.

The goal of education is for each student to achieve his/her full potential. The acquisition of knowledge requires effort. The acquisition of education or training is a partnership of parents, students and teachers.

Our Mascot

The St. Charles College Mascot is the Cardinal.
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