St. Charles College

Student Council

The current student council members for the 2019-2020 school year are:

  • Cameron Patterson
  • Violet Landrie
  • Ryan Scarpellini
  • Dylann Aikia
  • Brianna Ritchie
  • Savannah Crossthwaite
  • Sabrina Crossthwaite
  • Hailey Teeter
  • Cassidy Moustatsos
  • Bryann Thomson
  • Taylor Nowoselsky
  • Emma Whitton
  • Meghan Tocholke
  • Matthew Vehkala
  • Nikolas Liinamaa
  • Andrea Alves
  • Erika MacDonald

Message from Student Council President

Hi, I am Kasey Faught, and I’m a grade 12 student at St Charles College, and also the Student Body President for the 2018-2019 school year. Right from when I was a grade 8 student, I knew that St Charles College was the perfect high school for me. I was captivated with what SCC had to offer right from the first time I visited the school in grade 8. St Charles College truly offers everything that I hoped for in a high school and more. Throughout my four years here I have participated in numerous sport teams like basketball, soccer, track and field, flag football, softball, tennis and I am currently the captain of the girls hockey team.

Aside from sports I was able to learn to read music and how to play the flute! I was a member of the concert band throughout my 4 years and I help out with the play and support the amazing talent our school has. I believe that SCC has the best teachers and staff throughout the city of Sudbury, each and every teacher and staff member at St Charles College has impacted my life during the last 4 years drastically. Being the school’s president in my final year at SCC was something I wished for since grade 9, the idea of speaking in front of the school, being a representative for the student voice and thinking of ways to keep students involved with their school was a perfect role for me. I love my school and I love being involved in it even more, I’m excited every day to come to school and I want to make sure my fellow schoolmates leave SCC with the same amazing experience that I will leave with. As I reflect back on my four years it makes me sad to think of how fast it has gone by, as I start my final semester of secondary school I’ve become more appreciative and thankful for the school community I am in and my overall experience at SCC, I am truly going to miss being a card next year!

Kasey Faught, Student Council President

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