St. Charles College


St. Charles College has a variety of programs and clubs geared toward getting students interested in the arts!

Through the arts, you will learn to think imaginatively, identify and solve problems, empathize with others, think critically, communicate effectively and appreciate the skills and accomplishments of others. Courses in the arts provide the tools for understanding, expressing, representing, creating and communicating with others and provide learning experiences that engage your heart, mind and body.

Dance Class and 7-12 Dance Team

Dance education goes beyond the study of movement to an investigation of the principals and concepts that govern and define art. As a dance student, you will find a powerful mode of learning and self-expression that does not rely on verbal communication. You will learn to make connections between your physical self and your emotions, values, thoughts and beliefs.


Drama is a unique art form and a way of teaching that can help you discover, feel and express the significance in the things that matter to you. Using the elements and forms of drama, you can demonstrate your understanding in a variety of ways, including representing, symbolizing, writing, moving and speaking. A range of theatrical conventions and techniques are covered.

Musical Theatre Production Course

The Grade 7-12 Music Theatre Production class focuses on the development of skills with personalized instruction and coaching in acting, singing, dancing, sound, lighting, costume and set design. Students will interpret dramatic literature, other texts, and media sources while learning about various theories of directing and acting. The focus of this course will have students involved in the development of a full-scale production. Students will assume responsibility for various roles, engage in the dynamics of an ensemble theatre company and perform to the community in morning, afternoon and evening performances. Students will work collaboratively with teachers involved and community partners with a strong focus on the full development of the student performer/tech.

Media Arts and Digital Photography

Media arts uses emerging and established technologies to create art forms as well as to explore contemporary issues through a number of integrated media production technologies. Media Arts is always in a state of change due to the exciting mix of available technologies and creative ideas.

Visual Arts/Indigenous Arts

Creating art is just one part of a visual arts program. Through visual art courses, you will become more visually aware and perceptive of the world around you. You will learn about the elements and principals of design and about art through the ages and from around the world. The indigenous arts strands are: Expressing Indigenous Cultures and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.


Music courses in high school are performance-oriented and reflect the interests and needs of local communities. Courses are offered at all grade levels and you can elect to study a range of music courses, including junior and senior concert band, guitar, vocals, keyboard, mallet percussion, as well as take courses in music composition and computers.

Lighting and Sound Course

The Lighting and sound course offers the study of the technical aspects of stage and live venue production. Students in this course will receive instruction and hands-on experience with the theory, science and art of media production. They may also learn different programs used to assemble, edit and produce audio-visual productions with quality picture and sound. Depending on the particular focus of the course, topics can vary but will include physics, lighting techniques, electrical skills, safety, and software use of multimedia production.

Students in this course will also learn to work well in teams, which prepares them to navigate the dynamics of personal and professional relationships. Learning different lighting and sound techniques offers the students different skill sets to make them more equipped when applying for jobs in this field.

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