St. Charles College

The concept of “otherness” at SCC

This week at St. Charles College, the high school students presented an idea to the grade 8 students. The concept was “otherness” and the goal was to discuss differences in each other and show greater acceptance of others.

The students in high school, Max Cull, Emma Dionne, Gabriela Alves, Carley Popkie and Haley Cornthwaite presented “otherness” to Mme Rocca’s Grade 8 literacy class.

It was also a great bridging activity allowing for the grade 8 students to interact with their high-school peers.

F/I Students at St.Charles College Celebrate la Ste-Catherine by Making “tire”

On November 25th teacher Sabrina Rocca’s grade 7/8 French Immersion class at St. Charles College celebrated a cultural event known as “La Sainte-Catherine. Saint Catherine is the patron saint of young, unmarried women. She lived in the 4th century, and was executed for refusing to marry the emperor. Making tire became a French-Canadian tradition when Sister Marguerite Bourgeoys, founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame made sweet candy to attract young students to her school. The “candy” became so popular that young maidens started making them on the feast of Ste. Catherine.

Students learned about mixing various ingredients and boiling at exact temperatures to get the perfect tire. They also discovered how pulling this dark taffy-like mixture transformed it into a golden yellow colour, making it a wonderful treat. The class made 2 different traditional recipes, which both turned out to be a wonderful treat.

The students shared their tire while taking about where it came from and saying a special prayer to both Ste. Catherine and Ste. Marguerite Marguerite Bourgeoys.

“Dear Veteran” Letters Being Penned at St. Charles College

As part of a letter writing unit in Literacy studies, students in teacher Sarah Bock’s grade seven class at St. Charles College are writing war veterans. 

The students are writing the letters in an effort to show veterans why there are valued. The unit ties in nicely to the Remembrance Day theme. 

Bock says in the past, her students have written troops in combat but she thought it would be an interesting twist to write veterans who have served in the past. 

Once completed and assessed, the letters will be mailed out to veterans listed on the Veteran Affairs website through a campaign called “Postcards for Peace.”

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