St. Charles College

Equine Assisted Learning day for students at St. Charles College

Four students stand next to a horse.

Students at St. Charles College spent a day last week developing communication and leadership skills with the help of horses.Grade 11 Specialist High Skills Major students studying Health and Wellness participated in Equine Assisted Learning at PMC Performance Horses in Val Caron.

EAL is a dynamic and innovative way to encourage students to develop both communication and leadership skills. It forces them to step outside of their comfort zones and collaboratively problem solve.

Teacher Mrs. Julie Dion says “Our students thoroughly enjoyed working with the horses and the immediate feedback that horses provide through their responses to students’ body language. Even some of the more hesitant students quickly became at ease with the kind and safe horses used in the program along with the reassuring guidance of the facilitators.”

Through the exercises students learned how to refine their communication skills (both physically and verbally) as well as effectively work as a team member to achieve a given goal.

Teacher Mary-Lynn Poirier says “It was wonderful to see how engaged students were with this program. There were many smiles, laughs and “aha” moments throughout the day!”

This is the second year in a row St. Charles College has worked with the team at PMC Performance Horses.

St. Charles College Food and Nutrition students transform summer berries into fall preserves

Girls stand with jars of jam.

The St. Charles College Food and Nutrition classes have spent some time this fall harvest transforming summer berries into fall preserves. Under the guidance of teacher, Julie Jessop the students created an assortment of jams for parents, guardians or their lunch sandwiches.

The course is offered to students in grades 9 and 10 and continues with basic meal preparation in grades 11 and 12.

Teacher Julie Jessop says “there is lots planned this semester with hearty fall meals of soup, chili and roasted chicken and welcoming in the winter months with an assortment of comfort foods such as mac & cheese and amazing Christmas cookies featuring ginger snaps and short breads.”

Cards Crunch Celery

More than 11 hundred students at St. Charles College bit down on sticks of celery this morning to celebrate the BIG CRUNCH.
The big crunch is an annual event each year in Ontario to celebrate Nutrition Awareness month.

The St. Charles College event was organized by teacher Julie Jessop as part of her Foods classes.
Many schools opted for apples but St. Charles decided to go green for their synchronized crunch.

Zest for Broccoli Takes Over St. Charles College

On Thursday, March 8th, schools in Greater Sudbury kicked off Nutrition month by eating broccoli.  Close to one thousand students participated in the “big crunch” at 10 a.m. by chomping down on broccoli crowns at St. Charles College.

In teacher Beverly Belanger’s class, students enjoyed the broccoli while writing a math test.

Organizer/teacher Elizabeth Szilva says “It was an opportunity for the students to learn about the benefits of broccoli in a fun and active way.”

Sudbury Catholic’s Third Annual Outdoor Adventure Race a Smashing Success!

Despite the rainy weather, it was a spectacular day for the third annual Sudbury Catholic Outdoor Adventure Race in Killarney on June 8, 2011. Students from all four of the Board’s secondary schools entered teams to take part in a four part outdoor race which included biking, canoeing, orienteering and a mystery challenge which involved a first aid rescue exercise. A total of fifteen teams with three students per team participated and, although rain-soaked for part of the race, managed to keep smiles on their faces throughout the entire challenge. The past two years has seen St. Charles College and then St. Benedict take home the coveted banner, and this year St. Charles managed to win back the first place spot. A team from St. Benedict won in terms of time, however, due to a small mistake in the orienteering section, they were given a 5 minute penalty which put the St. Charles team consisting of Adam McKibbon (Grade 12), Michael Wandziak (Grade 11) and Jonah Lynott (Grade 11) in first place. Awards were also given out for first place for a co-ed team as well as an all-girls team.

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