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Storwell Foster Children Bursary Program

Sudbury Catholic District School Board is pleased to introduce students to Storwell, in support of their Foster Children Bursary Program.

Storewell offers an annual bursary of $2,000 in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life.

For details about the program and to complete an application, please visit the StorWell Bursary Application Webpage.

*Please Note: Applications for the 2021 program year are due on or before December 31, 2021.

StorWell Foster Children Bursary Program

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Grade 9 Students Participate in Virtual Take Our Kids to Work Event

Virtual learning takes place on screen

Launched in 1994 by The Learning Partnership, Take Our Kids to Work Day is an experiential learning opportunity for Grade 9 students across Canada offering them the chance to see the world of work firsthand, explore a variety of careers and sectors, and look at what skills are important to thrive in the world of work. The goal is to ignite students’ curiosity and open the door for them to see what is possible for their future.

On Wednesday, November 4, students, their parents, educators, and schools had access to both pre-recorded and live virtual content to create an exciting learning experience. Over 200 Sudbury Catholic Grade 9 students participated in the event facilitated by consultants Daniel Levecque and Christina Raso.

Dan Levecque led students through the 5 easy steps to “Creating Your Own Personal Brand” followed by Christina Raso teaching the importance of “Managing Your Online Reputation”. Students then listened to a message of hope and resilience hosted by Erin Latimer RBC Olympian. Watch the video at : Your Future Now: Take Our Kids to Work 2020

The day ended with, four live breakout sessions hosted by industry experts in the area of the skilled trades, innovation & entrepreneurship, healthcare and technology & finance.

Save the date for this year’s PIC Carousel!

A women talks to a classroom full of parents.

Parent Involvement Committee proudly presents their annual Carousel Event for parents, educators and community partners!

  • When: April 7, 2020 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Where: St. Benedict School, 2993 Algonquin Road

Sessions will include: Vaping, Bullying, Cybercrime, Human Trafficking, Social Media, Secondary Programs and Pathways, Supporting Students at Home, Coding, and Helping Support Children and Youth who Experience Anxiety.

Save the date and stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Travel the World While Earning Credit!

Girl overlooks New York City

Travel the world, while earning a course credit! We are excited to offer secondary students an affordable, experiential learning program that enables students in Grade 8-10 to earn a credit while travelling to Ottawa, Montreal, New York City, and Toronto while earning Civics/Careers credits (Course Codes (CHV/GLC). Space is limited to 35 students and is available to students in regular and French immersion programming. Register now at the following link.

For more information contact Christina Raso, Experiential Learning Consultant at

You’re Invited! Travel Opportunity for current Grade 8, 9 & 10 Students


Sudbury Catholic District School Board is excited to offer both an English and French Immersion Grade 10 Civics and Careers travel for credit course during the summer of 2020. This course has two components. The first component consists of an eLearning module during the first two weeks of July. The second component consists of an 8 day trip that will take students to Ottawa, Montreal, and New York City during the second two weeks of July. The travel portion of the course will be organized by EF Educational Tours. We are hosting an information night for parents/guardians who are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity. Please join us!

Marymount Academy
The Gymnasium
February 5th 2020
7 PM

RSVP to the meeting at:

For more information contact:

Christina Raso, Adult Education & Experiential Learning Consultant at 705 673-5620 EXT 208
Peter Prochilo, Superintendent of School Effectiveness
705 673-5620 EXT 301

Minister of Education Launches New Aboriginal Business Program at St. Charles College

A new pilot program was launched on Tuesday, April 29 at St. Charles College to help Aboriginal students develop business and entrepreneurial skills. Minister of Education Liz Sandals was on hand to reveal the details of the program as the province partners with the Paul Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative to support Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship.
The students will learn how to develop a business plan and create product or service based business.Jason Michelutti and Paola Gutscher will spearhead the grade 11/12 program at St. Charles College.
Gutscher says “the critical goal of the program is to improve attendance and increase student confidence levels.”Michelutti says he’s eager to get started and wants to get the students “thinking like business owners”.
About fifteen students are already enroled in the program which will commence September 2014.

St. Charles College and Laurentian University Partner for Forensic Science Programming

St. Charles College is pleased to announce that it has added yet another partnership to its learning community to better support its students. The Department of Forensic Science of Laurentian University – which delivers the only accredited forensic science programs in Canada, has formed a partnership with the school, in order to allow for new and outstanding learning opportunities for the students of St. Charles College. Senior students in both the school’s Specialist High Skills Major in Health and Wellness, as well as the senior law classes will now be taking part in regular workshops and labs with the Forensics Department at the university. The forensic professors – including Dr. Fairgrieve, Dr. Watterson and Dr. Donohue, have agreed to gear their presentations to meet the curriculum needs for both areas of learning, and will directly tie into their areas of study. The forensic courses will introduce the students to blood spatter, arson investigation, autopsy, hair and fibre analysis, facial sculpting, forensic botany and entomology, criminal profiling and DNA analysis.

“This linkage to our programming – both our law and health and wellness classes – is exceptional as it is giving limitless opportunities for our students to pursue a variety of careers they may not have considered before.” says Principal Mardero. “This hands on learning will allow them to really receive a deeper understanding of these sciences.
St. Charles College is a proud partner of Laurentian, and this new agreement reinforces the strength of our relationship with the University.”

Classes have already begun working with the university starting the end of October, 2012.

Provincial Take a Kid to Work Day

Grade nine students in the province of Ontario participated in Take a Kid to Work day on November 7, 2012.  At St. Charles College, over one hundred students were on site at job locations around the city.  A number of students took on positions in healthcare, education as well as the retail and industrial sectors.
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for grade nine students to learn about a career opportunity that interests them and  illustrates the importance of education, skills development and training. 
The day is organized by “The Learning Partnership”, a non-for-profit organization.

Stepping Into Grade 9 Night -St. Charles College – Nov. 7

St. Charles College will be hosting their Stepping into Grade 9.
This is an information session for parents and students focussed on the transition from elementary to secondary school.
Topics will include:
Course selection and pathways, graduation requirements and electives, academic services, resource and student success, athletics, extra-curricular and community.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 beginning at 6:30 p.m.
St. Charles College
1940 Hawthorne Drive

S.C.C. Students Show Support for Student a World Away

Students in St. Charles College teacher Rick Emond’s Grade 12 French Immersion Canadian and World Politics class got very frustrated when the class’ discussion focused on Malāla Yūsafzay, the young Pakistani student who was recently shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen while returning home on a school bus. Malālah is known for her education and women’s rights activism in the Swat Valley and most especially her outspoken views on promoting education for girls. When they began discussing this outrageous act of violence againstt a girl who was simply standing up for what she believed in for herself and others experiencing similar discrimination, the class felt compelled to do something. Cassandra Schlosser, a student in the class described her frustration. “What good would it do to just sit around in class and complain? We all felt that we needed to do more than just talk about it.” The rest of her classmates agreed. After discussing several ideas, the class landed on a letter. The decided to write a letter to the Pakistani High Commissioner expressing their concern and voicing their beliefs.
An excerpt from the letter reads:
“As proud Canadians, we understand the importance of a good education and we value equal rights. We decided to reach out to you because we want to express our concern for the young girl who took a stand for what she believed in.
Malala Yousafzai was simply defending her rights and the rights of females everywhere to an education. We admire her bravery and commitment, and commend her actions. Without education, we would not be able to move forward as a civilization. Equal access to that education should be easily accessible to anyone who desires it. Furthermore, one should not feel threatened or harmed, be it physically or emotionally while attending school.
We commend the Pakistani government for their efforts so far in dealing with the matter, and encourage them to continue their search in bringing those responsible to justice. We believe the message should be sent to those who try to curtail human rights, that their deed will not go unpunished and will not be tolerated by governments that value their children.”
The students then urge the High Commisioner to share this letter with all those who may be encouraged by it, most especially Malāla. It is their hope that this letter will reach her so that she knows she is not alone. The last line in their letter reads “Please pass on our message to Malala, her family and friends and relay that our thoughts and well wishes are with them during this difficult time. She is not alone in this battle.”
Knowing that the situation in their own community is very different, the students feel blessed to live in a country that believes in human rights and equality for all. “As a class, I am proud that my students have decided to use their voice,” teacher Rick Emond stated. “They have realized that they too can make a difference in their own way as well, and this letter voices their beliefs and shows support from across the globe for a girl who is very courageous and brave. They want her to know that they believe in her and are proud of her strength.” Emond hopes that they receive a response from the High Commissioner, and ultimately that their letter reaches Malāla.

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