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Everyday They’re Shuffling

In secondary school, a culminating wrap-up assignment can look like something that is done with a pen and paper or it can be a little more active and impacting.

That’s why the St. Charles College grade 9 girls’ physical education class run by teachers Chantal Dagostino and Sean Gilroy is training to participate in the Salvation Army’s Santa Shuffle Fun Run and Elf Walk.

Almost forty of the students have been training hard for what they are calling the “First Annual SCC Back to Basics Run/Walk/Santa Shuffle”.

The class has also teamed up with teacher Beverly Belanger’s Leadership class. The students are promoting active living as well as supporting the Salvation Army women and Families of Sudbury to make Christmas a possibility for everyone.

Dagostino says “the aim is to start a yearly trend as well as have 100 participants including staff members and students take part this year alone. This way their culminating activity in this class is far-reaching.”

Don’t bet with Scared Money

A free gambling awareness theatre production hit the stage at St. Charles College on October 23, 2013.  The presentation is supported by the Responsible Gaming Council and explores online gambling, gaming and cyber bullying. 
The production hones in on the lives of young adults who are trying to start a band, hold down jobs and live their lives with money they don’t necessarily have at their fingertips.  One of the characters ends up betting with “Scared Money” which refers to money you don’t have at your fingertips.
The production is touring Northern Ontario this month and the crew has made stops in Moose Factory, Moosonee, Timmins and now Sudbury.
The production explores online gambling, gaming and cyber bullying with the characters trying to live their lives, hold down jobs and work on a career in the music industry.
Grade 11 and 12 students at St. Charles College attended the presentation and afterwards they were treated to a game show that questioned them on their learning.

That’s a Wrap at S.C.C. – 112 Thousand Cans to Fill Sudbury Food Bank Shelves

Once again, the food drive at St. Charles College was a smashing success.  Together with its feeder schools, 112 thousand cans were raised for the Sudbury Food Bank – smashing the goal of collecting 60 thousand cans in less than a week.
The food drive began more than twenty-five years ago, and its founder, former student Jim Szilva still takes part in the drive with his children at the school. 
The school also teams up with Q92 and KISS 105.3 as well as the students at St. Raphael, St. David, St. Bernadette, St. Andrew, St. Paul, St. John and Pius XII Catholic Elementary Schools.
Students collect a combination of canned foods and cash – the cash portion totalled 15 thousand dollars this year. 

Stacking Cans from the Ground Up at St. Charles College

St. Charles College students and soon-to-be Cards are on a mission from October 7 to October 11 to collect 60 thousand cans of non-perishable food to feed the hungry in our city.  The more than 950 students at the school, along with students at several of its feeder schools are helping tackle the huge feat. 

With a professional development day scheduled for Friday, October 11, it’s an even more daunting and onerous task to average 15 000 cans per day for the next four school days with a wrap-up aimed for Thursday, October 10th.

Last year, the students shattered their goal for 60 thousand cans by delivering a whopping 121 thousand cans to the Sudbury Food Bank – making it the largest single donation in the history of the Sudbury Food Bank.

The founder of the food drive at SCC, Jim Szilva told the students that the food drive starts at the ground and works its way up with feeder schools like St. Raphael, St. David, St. Bernadette, St. Andrew, St. Paul, St. John and Pius XII working with students in grades nine through to twelve in the high school to accomplish the mission.  Szilva started the drive when he attended St. Charles College more than twenty-five years ago. 

The school and Szilva are teamed up with local radio station Q92 and KISS 105.3 to “Stuff the Bus”.

Q92 host Melanie Dahl asked the students to remember the times their belly ached because they felt hungry.  “Most of you can ask your parents for food or head to the fridge.  But consider for a moment you could not do that.”

General public is invited to assist with the stuffing of the bus by visiting the city transit bus each morning between 7 and 9 a.m. at St. Charles College with monetary or canned food donations.  There are some added incentives this year – including the option to fill out a ballot to win a ticket to the Sudbury Kinsmen home. 

The bus will also be on location at Vrabs Independent Monday afternoon, Dumas Independent Tuesday afternoon and at the Metro on Lasalle Wednesday afternoon.

St. Charles College Hosts University Information Program – October 10

St. Charles College will host representatives from all of 21 of Ontario’s universities on Thursday, October 10, 2013 from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm. The University Information Program (UIP) is free and all secondary school students and their parents/guardians are welcome to attend.

Students who are considering university will be able to speak to university representatives and learn more about different admission requirements, scholarships, residence the application process, campus life and much more. The University Information Program is designed to help graduating students make an informed decision before they apply to universities in January 2014.

“ We are proud to offer this information program for students and parents in our community,” says St. Charles College Program Lead of Guidance Silvia Faggioni. “ It is important that students make informed decisions regarding their future. This is a perfect opportunity to explore universities across Ontario, meet representatives and ask questions – all while not having to leave Sudbury.”

At this event, students and their parents/guardians will be able to attend three 30-minute university presentations. A question and answer period will follow. After the presentations, students will be able to visit all Ontario university representatives for the remainder of the evening.

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