St. Charles College
 Academic Program

Grade 7 and 8 Program

Program Description

Starting middle school in a secondary school setting is an exciting time—you will have many new opportunities and challenges.Throughout your journey, you will have the help of parents/guardians, your teachers and administration to help you make all of the important decisions you have ahead of you!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome you to St. Charles College. We offer the absolute best in a full range of academic programming, enhanced with a
complete extra-curricular program of athletics, arts, clubs and activities.  Students learn on a rotation system here at St. Charles College and we have a Student Success room/model to support students who require extra support through out the day. The rotation includes eight periods of learning each day. The students also have their own lunch hour separate from the secondary students.

To our students:

You have made the decision to come to St. Charles College for middle school. Let your journey towards high school begin here. St. Charles College offers the best in a full range of academic programming, including French Immersion, Native Studies, and Special Education, as well as access to Science labs, Foods and Music rooms. Our programs are enhanced with a complete extracurricular program of athletics, arts, clubs and activities. Our motto of Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge is embodied in all that we do. Excellence and skills of problem solving, research, student-centred learning and decision making are offered within all of our courses. We offer the best in and new state-of- the art computer labs led by an expert staff.

Our athletic program is the best in the city! The St. Charles Cardinals proudly display athletic banners for city, NOSSA and OFSAA championships in gymnastics, flag football, soccer, hockey, dragon boat and volleyball. All sports are offered at St. Charles College…basketball, volleyball, hockey, badminton, curling, football, golf, skiing, softball, slo pitch, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, gymnastics, wrestling, and cross-country running, along with a daily lunchtime intramural

Our arts program is second to none. Each year St. Charles College attends local and out of town competitions. Our music students win numerous awards at the Kiwanis Festival. Our vocal class has been fortunate enough to be selected to perform with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. Our musical performances are created to mirror the calibre of local professional theatres. We embody not only the artistic, musical, and acting components, but we allow our students to utilize their own life

We are committed to providing our students with leadership opportunities through our Student Council, Athletic Council and Arts Council. Such clubs as library, yearbook, math, chess, debating, choir, computer, photography, mission society, and liturgy allow our students to grow socially and establish long- lasting friendships and memories.
Our student services department, chaplaincy service, student success program, peer-tutoring, homework evenings, peer-mentoring programs and daily breakfast program support our students throughout the year.

We are committed to a Christian environment in which our students develop a sense of self-discipline, social justice and service to the greater community. Our students participate in several projects that support our community, including our annual food drive, Christmas toy drive, cancer awareness program, senior citizen support, and individual mission causes.

We hope that you too will join our excellent school community!

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