St. Charles College

Student Accident Insurance

Important Information for Parents relating to Student Accident Insurance 

​It is important for parents and guardians of children attending schools of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, to understand that the Board does not provide student accident insurance to cover dental and other injuries that occur as a result of accidents during school activities. The Board is not permitted under the Education Act to insure against accidents to students. However, the Board may make available by contract with an insurer, accident and life insurance for pupils. Participation in such a program is voluntary and the costs are to be paid by the parents or guardians and the Board assumes no liability in connection with this insurance with respect to applications, premium payments or claims.

For your convenience, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board has arranged a Student Accident Insurance Policy exclusively through Reliable Life Insurance Company. This program offers a variety of plans and benefits at affordable prices. Benefits include: dental expenses (resulting from an accident), total and permanent disability, paralysis/loss of use, special disability benefits and death benefits. Participation is voluntary and costs are to be paid by the parents or guardians.

The insurance agreement is between you and Reliable Life Insurance Company. In order to qualify for the reduced pricing arranged by the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, please complete the application which was sent to you in September by the school. If you require another form, please contact your school’s secretary.


You may also subscribe directly from the Insurance Company on their website at, but you will not qualify for our School Board’s reduced pricing when using that website.

All inquiries are to be directed to the Reliable Life Insurance Company at 1-800-463-KIDS (5437).

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