St. Charles College
October 08, 2020

2020 NHL draft history in the making for St. Charles College

Athletic Director and Hockey Canada Skills Academy Lead Darren Michelutti with Jack Thompson, Chase Stillman and Quinton Byfield.

The 2020 NHL draft has been a week of dreams coming true for three former St. Charles College students.

Three SCC students were drafted this week leading with Quinton Byfield who made history for the Sudbury Wolves franchise as the highest draft pick in Wolves history with a 2nd overall selection by the LA Kings.
Next came Jack Thompson who was drafted in the 3rd round by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

And the third draft made for a hat trick with Isaak Phillips being drafted in the 5th round to Chicago.

It’s history in the making for the players and the school says Athletic Director and Lead of the Hockey Skills Academy Darren Michelutti.
Michelutti says “With Sudbury Wolves students attending St. Charles College, the Hockey Canada Skills Academy has had the opportunity to learn and work with elite athletes like Quinton, Jack and Isaak. The students enrolled in the program get a firsthand experience to see that hard work pays off and dreams really to come true when you commit to your passions.”

Next year, another student/player Chase Stillman will be a 2021 NHL Prospect.

Michelutti has been building the Academy at the school for the past three years. Currently there are ninety-five students enrolled in the program.

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