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First Day Hand Out
First Day Hand Out


NBA Project

NFL Project


Hmk pages

Ch 4 Hmk Pages

Ch 5 Hmk Pages

Ch 3 Hmk Pages

Ch 1 Hmk Pages

Data Notes 2014-15 sem 2

Data notes

Data Notes 2016-17


Worksheet Venn Diagrams "and" "or"

Venn and or

Venn Diagram Maker

Venn Diagram Maker

Experimental and Theoretical Probability worksheets

Exp/Theoretical Prob

Roulette Assignment

Roulette Assignment

Data Assign Lotto649 and Poker Hands

Lotto and Poker

Organized Counting, Factorials and Permutations

Counting, Factorials and Perms#1

Combinations Worksheets

Combination worksheet#1

Combination worksheet#2

Permutations and Combinations worksheet

Perms and Combs

Counting, Perms and Combs

Permutations and Combinations worksheets


Perms and Combs#1

Perms and Combs#2

Perms and Combs#3

Perms and Combs#4

Perms and Combs#5

Perms and Combs#6


Prob Dist Tables

Prob Dist Tables Intro

Prob Dist Tables hmk1

Prob Dist worksheets


Hyp Geo



Binomial Solutions


Expected Value Shortcuts




Midterm Outline and Review


Ch 3 Data files

Richter Scale Data

Ch 3 Pg 140

Ch 3 MCT worksheet 1

Ch 3 MCT worksheet 2

Ch 3 MCT worksheet 3

Distribution of Data

Ch 3 Data files

Data 1

Ch 3 Data files2 (grouped data)


Data 2

Ch 3 Histogram Q1

Ch 3 Histogram Q1

Ch 3 Standard Deviation

Ch 3 Std Dev Part 1

Ch 3 Std Dev Part 2

Ch 3 Normal Distributions

Ch 3 Normal Dist

Excel Convert Text to Number values

Convert Text to Numbers

Ch 1 Data files

Ch 1 Quiz Questions

Ch 1 Assignment

Ch 1 Assignment

Ch 1 Quiz LinReg QuadReg

Ch 1 Quiz

Ch 1 Assignment

Ch 1 Assignment

Z-Score table
Z-score Table
QuadReg with Fathom

QuadReg Fathom

Regression Analysis Steps


Residual Values and Averages


QELP - data base


Data Final Review

Final Review